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Admissions » Why HWIS?


Our world is changing. Technology is making our world smaller and communication faster. Interaction with people from diverse cultures is more important than ever. Critical thinking, flexibility and emotional intelligence are more important than facts and knowledge.


Our mission is to help build the knowledge, skills & character of our students, so they can become meaningful global contributors and citizens of the world.


HudsonWay Immersion School students arrive at school for the day


Our Philosophy


Our school is true to the principles of the best immersion programs in the country, led by educational experts who have spent their entire careers focused on immersion education. We believe strongly that this type of education not only develops the highest language proficiency, it also stretches the brain and develops thinkers who can problem-solve and think creatively and flexibly. HWIS believes that children are highly capable and social human beings who inherently desire to connect, communicate, and create. We want to prepare our students to appreciate and navigate our world through the lens of knowing another language...and to enjoy themselves in the process.


This provides a collaborative “small-school” culture that gives students a sense of security and feeling of belonging. Our individual attention and differentiated lessons allow our students the freedom to learn, explore, and enjoy learning.



Our program

  • We offer full immersion in Mandarin and Spanish language tracks – two of the most widely spoken languages in the world
  • We start at age 2 with a full immersion program – 5 days per week preschool at 100% use of the target language
  • Our full immersion model through 5th grade and 50/50 model through grade 8 enable our students to become fully bilingual and biliterate
  • Our educational leadership have significant background in immersion best practices and global education
  • Our native speaking teachers provide an individualized learning and supportive and intimate classroom learning environment



Our pillars of focus

  • Academic excellence
  • Second language proficiency
  • Cultural competence
  • Social emotional learning
We invite you to one of our information sessions or open houses to explore why immersion education is the best way to prepare your child for a global future.