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Physical Education

Pre-K Curriculum Overview


Administered primarily in free-­roam stations, the Pre-K program promotes body management and serves as an introduction to athletic movement. Stations coincide with the monthly theme and promote motor skills development. Individual attention is given to meet different physical, social, and cognitive needs.


K–5 Curriculum Overview


Each month entails a new sport (theme). Each unit plan progresses through a building-­blocks approach in which student’s perform sport-­specific movements and drills that develop competency and instill confidence. All classes begin with a dynamic movement series. Each month concludes with game play. Difficulty and intensity progresses with age and ability level of the cumulative group while providing for opportunities to individualize skill development.



Daily Movement Essentials

  1. Locomotor — Moving the body from place to place
  2. Nonlocomotor — Moving the body in place
  3. Manipulative — Moving the body to handle an object



  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Team building skills and group solving skills
  • Acknowledging the contribution of team members
  • Explaining how rules and proper technique contribute to a fun and safe environment
  • Fostering characteristics of good sportsmanship and teamsmanship



September Soccer
October Kickball
November Flag Football
December Pin Dodge
January Badminton
February Floor Hockey
March Basketball
April Baseball / Softball
May Tennis
Year-round Project Adventure and “Backyard” games