HWISPA – Parent Association

HWISPA is the HudsonWay Immersion School Parents Association. Its members are unified in the belief that students should learn and be fluent in a second language, and become well-versed in different cultures in an increasingly globalizing world. They are Parents of HWIS because they want their children to be prepared for the future and thrive in the global arena.
HWISPA’s mission is to…
  • Represent the diverse community of parents at HWIS
  • Promote a sense of community among the families and the administration
  • Support the school in creating an outstanding learning environment for the students, and…
  • Enrich the student experience through organizing school-wide events, activities & fundraising campaigns
All parents & guardians of students are welcome to become members of HWISPA: there are numerous ways to participate, and you can be as active as you’d like, whether it’s becoming an HWISPA officer, or volunteering for upcoming events & activities.
HWISPA Programs & Fundraising.
HWISPA undertakes ongoing fundraising efforts in order to better equip the school with quality resources to improve its learning environments. These include, providing technology support for students in the classroom, purchasing more books for the school library, and helping to support teachers.
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