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Remote Learning

HudsonWay Immersion School has embraced remote learning!


Our remote learning program is designed based on researching best practices from various schools, and information from the Defense Department of Education and their roll-out in Asia.  


We use both asynchronous and synchronous (live) classes taking place during the regularly scheduled school day.  Using both live and pre-recorded sessions enables us to manage within what is commonly accepted best practices for screen time for students, while also providing scheduling flexibility for both parents and teachers.  The live sessions with our target language teachers enable our students to continue learning their core content in Mandarin and Spanish!


Remote learning has provided our students with unexpected benefits.   Our students are:


  • Becoming more independent and accountable for their learning
  • Developing tech skills such as the use of i-pads and laptops along with platforms such as Zoom, and Google Classrooms
  • Work at their own pace – either faster or slower vs. peers
  • Revisit lessons to ensure learning – watch a video more than once or review synchronous classes which are recorded and uploaded


Students have adjusted very well to learning this new way.  Even our preschool students are doing arts and crafts with packets of materials developed by our teachers and watching videos from our PE teacher, Mr. Jack.  


Learning in this way has brought out the creativity of our teachers, some of whom are finding an outlet for showing the world their wonderful skills.  From everything from PE exercises, to giving a music lesson, to baking a cake – we want to share with you some videos so you can be part of our remote learning at HWIS, too!  Enjoy!