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Our Educational Approach

Through the integration of immersion and general education best practices we focus on the following four pillars of student development:


Academic Excellence

Students explore themed units of study which challenge students to problem solve and think critically. Frequent assessments and flexible grouping enable us to individualize instruction and thus maximize student learning. In using the ERB standardized test given in English, our students outperform national norms for independent and gifted and talented public school students in nearly all subjects in all grades.


Second Language Proficiency

Our full immersion program (starting with 100% of the instruction in the 2’s program and 90% of instruction in the 3’s and 4’s program enable our students to have a very strong foundation prior to kindergarten. This ensures that they are ready to learn academic content in both languages. Our K/1 program provides 80% of the instruction taught in the target languages, gradually increasing the English to 40% by 5th grade. By middle school, 45% of the time is spent in each target language and English. We also introduce a third language each day for 30 minutes beginning in grade 4.


Cultural Competence

Through an in depth understanding of another language, our uniquely developed world curriculum and daily exposure to our global staff, students see the world differently. We supplement this with cultural presentations such as our annual Chinese New Year performances, and Spanish Winter Show, and global travel where our students partake in rich immersive experiences in China or Spain.


Social Emotional Learning

We believe that character development is as important as academics. The caring and positive approach used in classroom management and discipline is based on the premise that all interactions between adults and children must reflect a deep respect for the children, as well as promote respect for themselves and others. We use the school-wide discipline system – Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) and conflict resolution.