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Early Childhood

The HWIS ECE program is unique – we offer a full immersion program in a uniquely supportive environment for students beginning as young as 2 years of age. 


  • We spend 90-100% of the day in a second language (the target language) which ensures advanced language proficiency
  • Our leadership has extensive experience developing model immersion programs
  • Our native-speaking staff provide students with a nurturing environment to learn & grow
  • A low student-to-teacher ratio in preschool (1:4 for 2’s, 1:6 for 3’s and 1:8 for 4’s) allows for greater individual attention
  • A five-day preschool experience maximizes your child's social-emotional development and classroom cohesiveness. Children learn that they can count on each other, as well as their teachers, for encouragement and support!
  • Our diverse student body enriches our community and ensures that all cultures are celebrated. We celebrate all holidays with parental involvement and participation!



Social emotional learning is a core focus of our preschool experience. We believe that helping young children experience and manage emotions, relate to one another and make good choices are important foundational skills for life. We believe that the role of positive reinforcement cannot be overstated. It encourages the child to take risks. School then becomes fun for two reasons: it’s fun because teachers make it fun, and it’s fun because kids learn that they can succeed in school and in the wider world.


Being immersed at an early age also develops children into confident learners. They become open to communicating in another language and with people of different cultures. 


Theme based learning with the support of the award-winning Creative Curriculum® provides a context for learning content & language. Through hands-on discovery in the subjects of language arts, math, science & social studies, children have the freedom to explore based on their own interests. Our children also develop their fine motor and gross motor skills as they participate in projects with clay, playdough, blocks, painting, and other art activities. Musical group activities such as singing, dancing and playing rhythm instruments enhances the fun of school as well as the understanding of other cultures.



Our schedule provides options of either a half day preschool or full day preschool for 2’s and 3’s. Pre-K is a full day program.


Half Day 8:30 am-12pm

Full Day 8:30 am – 3:30pm


A Typical Day in Our Preschool Includes:

  • Morning & Afternoon Meetings
  • Centers (Math, Science, Dramatic Play, Art, etc.)
  • Specials (Music, Art, PE)
  • Outdoor Recess
  • Snack, Lunch, Nap / Quiet Time

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