HWIS Welcomes In The Year of The Rat

On January 31 in NJ and on February 7 in NY our 15th and 10th annual Chinese New Year performances celebrated the Year of the Rat to great success!




Chinese New Year NJ performance






young children in bear costume at hudsonway immersion school costume

Our youngest preschool 2 students sang “I love my Family” together with the oldest Grade 4-6 students.  Our preschool 3 students performed a Shaolin Kung Fu performance, and our preschool 4’s students dressed in colorful animal costumes sang “Can you Fix the Moon”. 

Our Kindergarten students performed a dance from the Beijing Opera in authentic costumes.  Our Grade 1 students performed a rap version of the Zodiac story. The Grade 2-3 students wrote and performed a comedic play featuring the Story of Nian – a gentle monster. Finally, our Grade 4-6 students performed a play and song themed after the Broadway show “Cats”. The show ended with a grand finale of all of our elementary students together singing “How Far I’ll Go.