The Spanish Winter Show – “Los Colores de mi Tierra”

The Pre-K class chose Honduras and danced "El Barreño", a creole dance that has been authenticated by the National Office of Folklore and "Sopa de Caracol", a song performed by Banda Blanca, the best-known Honduran band. 

Students from Kindergarten and 1st grade explored Colombia and danced "La Invitación", a vallenato genre song that describes the best things this South American country offers – its landscapes, its celebrations and the kindness of its people.

Students from the 2nd and 3rd grade researched Spain and danced "Bulería", a pop song that refers to 'flamenco', a typical Spanish dance.  

Students from the 4th and 5th grade researched Mexico and danced "El Son de la Negra", a mariachi folk song. Students also sang "Un Poco Loco", a song from the Disney film, Coco.

The show ended with a Puerto Rican song called “Aquarile” performed by the Mandarin 4th -6th class –the first year in which our Mandarin students had exposure to Spanish class. The genre of that song is salsa, which has been a traditional and festive music in Hispanic culture, originally from Puerto Rico.

This was a beautiful performance and our students learned a lot about the countries and experienced the culture.  The Spanish Winter Show was possible thanks to the wonderful staff who worked hard in the set, production, choreography and program.  A special thanks to HWISPA for all their support with the dinner, decorations and coordination of these wonderful videos.