Traveling with young children?

  1.  Be prepared -- Make a list and check it twice. There are many parts of this world where children are potty trained by age two. There are no size 5 diapers. There are also many places where sippy cups do not exist. Make sure to pack all the essentials for the very young.  
  2. Visit a travel clinic – When you travel abroad, you do not want to mess with disease. Make sure you and your children have been vaccinated from any kind of disease.  
  3. Bring your own food – While trying new foods is exciting for adults, the very young often need consistency and familiarity. Bring along instant oatmeal packs, pouch-style apple sauces and single-serving peanut butter. Just be sure to declare the items you have at customs at your destination.  
  4. Embrace the local culture – Even though I have just advised you to bring lots of foods and snacks, try your best to have your children try the local food.  
  5. Bring a set of wheels – If you have a preschooler and are travelling to a locale where you will be doing a lot of walking, invest in a good quality travel/umbrella stroller.  
  6. Let it go – Let go of the idea of bedtime, mealtime, appropriate foods and television time. Traveling means you and your child will be all messed up for days if you want to keep sane. You simply have to roll with it.