HWIS Educational Director Awarded Biculturalism Leadership Award

HudsonWay Immersion School (HWIS)’s educational director, Elizabeth Willaum, has been awarded the Fred D. Carrigg Leadership Award by NJTESOL/NJBE, Inc, in recognition of her history of leadership and career-long support of bilingualism and biculturalism.
The award ceremony, held at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick, NJ, coincided with NJTESOL-BE's 50th Anniversary. In her address, Ms. Willaum described the the excellence of the immersion program at HWIS, and called for the Seal of Biliteracy to be extended to private schools, as well as to middle and elementary levels.
Elizabeth Willaum has served educational institutions for over 45 years. During her career she has been a teacher, teacher-trainer, program developer, curriculum developer and coordinator, bilingual/ESL/world languages supervisor, assistant superintendent, and assistant professor. In the 1970’s she taught at one of the first developmental bilingual immersion education programs in New York City. Elizabeth is dedicated to supporting and promoting advocacy for dual language immersion program implementation, and to affording bilingualism, biliteracy, and bicognition to all children.

NJTESOL/NJBE, Inc. is an association of educators and administrators dedicated to the instruction of English Language Learners at all levels of public and private education. Their mission includes classroom practices, research, curriculum development, funding, employment and socio-political concerns.